K.I.T. days
Keep In Touch days are organized by the “Teachers of the Deaf” and usually consist of an activity like ten pin bowling or laser strike followed by lunch. This usually occurs on a weekday and parents and support staff are encouraged to attend. The purpose of K.I.T. days is to bring together the children from throughout Otago, and for some rural children it is one of the few occasions they get to mix with other deaf children.

Each year the Committee runs a Weekend camp at various locations for members and their families to attend. All meals, accommodation and organized games and activities for children and adults are provided.
This is a great opportunity for the Deaf Children from all over Otago to get together and enjoy a fun weekend. It is also a great opportunity for the parents to meet with other parents of Deaf children and share and learn from each others experiences.


  • Halloween Party
  • Saturday Club
  • Pot Luck dinners
  • Youth Group